What is going on in the rental website industry?

What is going on in the rental website industry? All the big web sites like owners direct and homeaway are now hiding their charges. They are now insisting that you have to register with them before you get an ESTIMATE of what you will be charged.
How anyone is still advertising with these websites is amazing. So basically each property depending on where it is located the owners can end up paying a different rate!! How is that fair?
At least the smaller sites still have respect for their owners and openly display charges. We at www.rentinspain.co.uk would NEVER hide our rates. Nor would we dream of conning guests and force owners to take out a direct payment system or else you have to pay extra for the advert. The direct payment system means YOUR guests have to pay an additional fee just for using the website. Opt out and you pay more, they get you or the guests either way.

Are you overpaying for your holiday home rental?

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This guest paid £367 more than they should have done. Is this right? The big websites are getting too greedy  it is time for people to go back to using the smaller more personal contact websites.
This is an actual quote for a rental property on Owners Direct sent to me by an owner that is not renewing with them. It is staggering just how much money they charge potential guests just for using their website. Not the booking fee that is extra for the guest to pay on top of the rental fee.
Copy of a quotation :
Guest pays £2,704.50
You earn £2,037.00.
Rental cost £2,000.00
occupancy for more than two people, per person £100.00
Booking fee £304.50
Damage deposit £300.00
Guest pays
Includes refundable damage deposit.
You earn £2,037.00
So if you own a property or are looking at a renting a holiday home for your vacation this year. Go to www.rentinspain.co.uk for low cost advertising with no booking charges to guest


If you own a property in Spain that you rent out for holiday or long lets, Rentinspain is the place to advertise it.
For ONLY £75 per year you can place you advert along with up to 30 photos and even a video if you have one. This price is for anyone that has seen us on Facebook.
Unlike Ownersdirect, HomeAway and Tripadvisor we ALLOW our owners to link to their own Facebook, Twitter and G+ pages. We allow owners to have their phone number visible so that potential guests can call you for more info.
ALL enquiries are sent direct to you, the owner, and not intercepted by anyone else as with the big three websites. This is a fundamental right of for all owners and their guests.
We believe that every owner has the right to be in touch directly with their potential guest and not prevented from doing so by the big 3. So why not register your property at www.rentinspain.co.uk

Special Offer to owners living in Provincia de Almeria

Anyone that owns a property in our region they rent out for short or long lets can advertise on www.rentinspain.co.uk for only £75 a year. No further costs.

Your guests will not have to pay for the privilege of using the website. Unlike Owners Direct, Howeaway and others who charge up to 10% of the booking fee.

You also get your rental income as soon as the guest pays and not when Owner Direct etc decide to pay you, which can be up to 9 months later if a booking is made early. YOU should have that money in YOUR bank gaining interest not them.

Facebook Offer

Anyone that owns a holiday home in Spain can register it at www.rentinspain.co.uk for only £75 instead of the normal £95. You will also get a Highlighted Listing free for one month of your choice. Simply select the Facebook Package once you create your account. Available until the end of January 2018

Are you paying more than you need to for your holiday home?

Are you aware that some property rental websites such as HomeAway, Tripadvisor, Owners Direct and others are now charging YOU the guest up to 10% of your rental fee just for using their website?

If you have booked with them you will see that they have introduced a ´Service Fee´. This does not go to the property owner. It is an additional fee that you should not be paying.

Owners and guests are now barred from having direct contact with each other. All queries must go through the website administrators. You will have no contact at all with the owners. 

We at Rentinspain.co.uk do not agree with this and will never charge the guest a service fee. The price you will see for the properties advertised on our website is what you will pay.

You will also deal direct with the owners. Their contact details are on their advert for you to use. They are not hidden from view as with the other websites.

A number of the properties on our website also appear on those mentioned above. But with us you will NEVER pay a service charge.

So why not pay us a visit and locate a property in Spain that you like and save money by booking it direct with the owner.

Do you Own a Holiday home in Spain

Do you Own a Holiday home in Spain? Yes??

Then why not register and upload your property to our website. The cost is only £75 if you register before 31st December 2017. After that it is £95 per year.

Register and select Special Offer up to 31 December. Upload your property details and your advert will go live on receipt of payment.

Rentinspain.co.uk has been established on the internet since 2001.

For Guests of our property owners

How you pay for your rental.

The safest way to pay for your vacation rental is by credit card. Regardless of where you live, credit cards offer more consumer protection than any other payment method. Most owners now allow you to pay via credit or debit card using Paypal or similar online Payment system. It is better for you to pay using a credit card as you will have protection in the rare event of fraud.

If you have to pay using a bank transfer you can contact us at Rentinspain to confirm that the property and the owner is legitimate prior to payment.




  • Are you fed up with not receiving your deposit payments until a booking is fully paid for?
  • Are you fed up with the big websites earning interest on what is really your money?
  • Are you fed up with paying too much to advertise on the big websites?
  • Do you want to get back to the old system of having control over your marketing and your money?
  • Do you want to return to the old system of advertising by paying a small annual fee and no commission?
  • Do you want to earn the interest on the deposit money instead of the big websites?

If you answer yes to most of these, then you will be interested in reading more.

At Rentinspain we want to help you get back to managing YOUR marketing and advertising without losing money to others.

We are now offering a low annual rate of just £95 per year.

YOU will be in control.

YOU will receive your deposit payment direct from the client.

YOU will gain interest on that payment until the client pay you in full for the rental.

YOU can pay only £75 for the first year if you login to your account and modify your property with new photos and rental rates before the 31st December 2017.